Georges Ohayon, Painting Artist.

This artist grew among painting tubes. He starded naturally painting since his more tender childhood; he perfected himself performing a lot of workshops with confirmed painters,in Paris and French Riviera. All this was done for more than 15 years, that's why he is so perfect reproducing colours and lights of French Riviera. His work essentially with his palette knife, gives a particular relief to his paintings. This artist exhibits his paintings in the French Riviera, and in Paris.

 Paintings available Click here      Galerie de Tableaux: Cliquez ici

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Paintings available Click here-  Galerie de Tableaux: Cliquez ici

Georges Ohayon vous remercie de votre visite, et se fera le plaisir de répondre à toutes vos questions.


tel: +33 603 926 132